I AM STRONG, you are weak

I am a 33-year-old straight Romanian MASTER. I am the ultimate ALPHA MALE: arrogant, dominant, smart and gorgeous! There is no MASTER like ME. My first real-time was about 12 years ago, so I know how to deal with you maggots online as well as during real meets.


You probably thought someone like ME does not exist, but you were wrong and I am here to prove it to you.


I am all you have been looking for


Each day, faggot, you feel the urge. You are eager and desperate to serve. You have chatted with so many MASTERS (mostly so-called masters), craving their attention to fill the voids of your life. Through disappointment after disappointment you learned that a truly superior MAN is what he claims to be: a real dominant MALE who is always leading others, his family, his friends and his slaves. That's the kind of MAN you need in your pitiful and perverted life. Someone you want to be owned by, someone who controls your whole being.


I know you faggots can't resist ME. You look up to attractive, naturally masculine MEN like ME. If you've seen My pics, you know that it is useless to fight ME. You need ME. Right now, reading these words, your heart racing and your hand starting to touch your faggot dicklet, you must be realising that without question, I am the person to be serving.


Compared to ME, there is no doubt you are a weak, pathetic, ugly and dumb freak. Look at ME, then look at yourself in the mirror. At that very moment you will understand why you crave to serve ME, to worship ME, to be My puppet.


Your place is at My FEET


Admit what you are: a spineless loser who needs guidance and control. You will be trained to become a better and motivated slave. And you'll always yearn for more. Totally lost in My hands, you will let ME dig deeper into your sick queer mind and ultimately allow ME to take total control of it. Give up your free will, boy!


As a weak homo, your destiny is to become an instrument, My personal tool. For the dumber slaves out there, that means you will only live to serve, tribute and trying hard to please ME. And you will enjoy it because I am what you've always wanted. So this is a dream coming true.


Today is the first day of your new life. You finally have found your purpose which is serving ME in any way

I demand and in worshiping My superior personality, My stunning body and My irresistible FEET that will make you drool.

More about ME

On October 1st, 2016 fetish magazine Alphatribe published an interview with ME. Click here to read it.

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