WHY ? Because I CAN !

Here's an overview of My preferred ways of using My slaves. I think they include the main fetishes, ranging from humiliation by spitting you in the face to hard torture by kicking you in the balls. I'm sure you deviant perverts will beg ME to try at least a few of them on you. If you are into sicker stuff, contact ME to know if I want to do it or not. I will enjoy abusing you on cam or when we meet up for a real-time domination session.




Humiliation and verbal abuse are standard of course. I can't stop laughing and making fun of you when I see the pathetic way you horny bitches act as soon as you submit to ME. You will feel so low, hearing ME laugh, hearing ME speak to you, grin on My face, while you grovel even more in a desperate attempt to please ME.




I am well known in the scene for the physical abuse I inflict and the pleasure I take in watching a faggot slave suffer. Slapping, kicking, punching, trampling, whipping, hot candle wax, cigarette or cigar burns, you name it…

FORCED INTOX (poppers, smoke,…)


I really love putting a fag on poppers. Just a little rush for the ones who need it to relax or a heavy session for those who like to get their brain fried.


I will feed you poppers while your hands are tied behind your back. Bottle under your nose, you'll take deep breaths or I will make you inhale the poppers in a gasmask until I allow you to stop. Either way, I'll get you totally wasted.



You filthy homos have to understand that you will not put your greedy hands all over My hot muscular body. You may of course be allowed to admire it and even get the privilege of cleaning My sweaty armpits and FEET with your tongue.


Unless that would be too much overload for your faggot taste buds. I know lots of My slaves become totally wild and desperate when they get to worship My perfect FEET. Can you blame them? Who wouldn't want to get the honour of observing, sniffing, kissing and licking those sweaty FEET? Just imagine what you will do when you're finally there, kneeling stupidly in front of them. Maybe you'll start by licking the soles of My shoes before taking them off and then fill your lungs with the heavy MAN-SCENT of My socks. After gym they fucking stink like hell!


There is no greater feeling imaginable than putting your lips on the salty skin of My FEET. Drooling like a dog, you'll beg for permission to wash the DIRT off from between My toes. Your sick obsession will take over your last self-control as your hungry faggot tongue starts slobbering all over My soles, sliding between My toes, cleaning the dirt under My toenails and licking each single hair on My toes to be sure you got the last bit of MAN-SWEAT there was left to be found. When you've finished the cleaning, I will have some fun by shoving My FEET as deep as possible into your faggot cunt throat. Remember, once you've met My FEET, the addiction will get so intense you will be just a FOOT worshiping bitch.


If you can't wait till you meet the domineering power of My Godly FEET, maybe you will have the chance to inhale the smell from My gym worn socks or an old pair of My sneakers I send to you.



Smoking symbolises strength, masculinity and self-confidence. Many queers take pleasure in watching a dominant MAN smoking.


You can admire ME enjoying some cigarettes or cigars you paid for ME. I will make you inhale the smoke filled air that has been deep inside in My LUNGS. Your eager pig mouth will become My human ashtray and if you're not too squeamish, I will use your worthless excuse of a body to put My cig buts out.



Piss slaves are hilarious. They seem to lose all human dignity as soon as their thirsty mouths receive that hot stream of liquid waste excreted through My COCK. Those wide-open urinal shaped mouths always make ME laugh.


For some of you homos it's a point of honour not to spill a single drop of that precious product of My BODY. Others want to feel it flowing all over their fat faggot belly.


I can guarantee I produce a lot and I don't stop until My bladder is totally empty. By the way, I have been told that My urine can be particularly strong sometimes so you better not piss ME off (!) by begging ME to stop because you're unable to handle the taste of a real MAN!



I know there are queers who feel some sick excitement by getting exposed online as a pathetic homosexual. Let ME get your pics and other embarrassing info on you, and your faggot ass will be available for the WHOLE WORLD to see !



This last subject is probably the most important one. You know nothing is for free in this world and most of all, why would I spend time and energy on a low-life creature like you if there wasn't any financial advantage for ME? After all, your cash belongs in My pockets!


Maybe you are new to this way of serving but I will enlighten you to the joy of financial domination.


Money symbolises the idea of power and authority. As a result, money exchange is a kind of power exchange between slave and MASTER. A slave willing to hand over hard earned cash is the complete opposite of a timewaster. He has understood that a worthless loser like him doesn't need his money in the first place. It's better off in the hands of a real straight dominant MALE.


Draining human ATMs of their cash always brings ME great pleasure. In My opinion, however, the financial aspect isn't enough. I strongly believe that real cash slaves feel the natural need to tribute a superior like Myself but also to show ME true devotion, commitment and loyalty. They know they were born to serve. They crave My attention and live to please ME. They are powerless tools who reveal their weaknesses and let ME use that knowledge to exploit them, to get whatever I want from them.


I like faggots to impress ME, sacrifice as much as they can by showering ME with cash and gifts. So get yourself a real purpose in life and serve ME. Join My STABLE of loyal, well trained slaves who open up their wallets and pull out those notes and credit cards to make sacrifices for their straight MASTER. Now get to it, weak homo. Spoil ME. Give up your own wants and needs for the benefit of Mine. Work hard to make My life easier and easier.


My regular walking wallets send ME tributes or they stroke their useless dicklet while I go on their computer using TeamViewer to take what is rightfully Mine. The lucky ones who get to meet ME can watch ME emptying their fat wallet or raping their accounts at an ATM.


That's right, online or real-time, witnessing helplessly how I penetrate their account and rape it hard is far more exciting to those funny idiots than real sex. Of course, the careful and less experienced slaves want ME to go gently, and I respect that by keeping the financial damage limited. But the brainwashed cash drones get totally off on watching how I extract stack after stack from their account to fill Mine. When I finally get bored of all that easy cash and allow them to shoot their pathetic faggot jizz, I leave them with painfully empty balls and some change in their pockets so they don't starve before their next paycheck arrives.


New slaves who want to start learning how to serve ME can catch My attention on the Tributes & Gifts page. Send ME a tribute or a gift card. Clear some items off My wish list.


NOW, fucking wanker!


WTF is wrong with you? Just DO IT!

© 2014 - 2020 Master Damiel, Romania


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