3000 visitors! That's a reason to be pleased with My personal website, isn't it? A number such as this is definitely a good indication of My success as a Master. I have always known it, but this really proves you little faggots are so desperate for a REAL MAN who knows how to guide you. To show you what your main purpose is in life. That is to make ME happy by working hard to refill your wallets and accounts so there is always more for ME to take. Just face it. I'm a CA$H MA$TER and CA$H is what makes ME happy.

But I'm not only here to take what is Mine. Pathetic homos like you are so in need to know more about ME and My successful life that I decided to add a blog to My site. So you better return here often and check out the latest posts about the life of the Master you admire, worship and tribute to.

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