Friday October 10th was the most important day of the year again. In case you have been living on another planet the last weeks: it was My 29th birthday! As usual, this exciting event was preceded by a rather busy month of constantly adding new stuff to My Amazon wish list that got cleared off almost instantly. What a pleasure to receive all these gifts of My slaves and admirers at My place a few days later. To name a few: I got several pairs of sneakers, underwear, watches, a watch display box (note that there are still a few empty spaces to be filled!), a laptop, a MacBook, an eBook, an iPhone 5S, a Samsung Galaxy S5 and last but not least an Animal Pak and other proteins to grow My MUSCLES even bigger.

The day of My birthday, one of My new slaves came to Bucharest to worship ME properly. He did a very good job by making My shoes shine and was allowed to sniff the manly scent of My socked feet. Of course, he paid ME for the honour of getting some of My precious time. I recorded this memorable moment in his slave life and it will soon be visible to all in the VIP section.

I spent the rest of the evening raping the shit out of My other slaves and made the nice amount I expected to take for that special day.

Fuck, I love to be treated like the GOD I am. This tastes like more. Faggots, from now on I want you to think that every day is My birthday and spoil ME non stop!

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