These last months have been pretty busy for your Master. I have tried to share My time as good as possible between My family and My slaves but last saturday I really needed a break.

It had been a while, so I decided to go out with My wife and a few friends, two guys and four girls. We went to a club in the center of Bucharest where we had a lot of fun. The club was crowded, lots of pretty girls, and lots of drinks of course. While I was sitting at our table and enjoying Myself with My company, I noticed a guy, a faggot obviously, who couldn't stop watching ME. Each time I looked in the direction of his table, he quickly looked away, trying to hide he was lurking non-stop. I know a real MAN like ME always gets a lot of attention from women and homosexuals, so I didn't pay too much attention to him and his faggot friends.

The nigth went on for hours, we laughed and drank a lot, three bottles of whiskey, and the time had come to go home. After I had received the bill, I told My wife I was not going to pay for it, since there was that homo who had been unable to keep his eyes of ME the whole fucking night. I took the bill, went to his table and told him to stand up. For a second he was surprised by ME being so direct but he obeyed immediately. I said : "boy, this is for you. You are going to pay My bill tonight". And guess what, the faggot had the only possible appropriate reaction and replied "With the biggest pleasure", even without knowing that the bill was over 300€. I'm sure he must have realised what a lucky bitch he was when he saw the amount to pay.

When I went back to My table, My wife could hardly believe what she just had witnessed though I had told her that I was going to make that homo pay our drinks. She must have thought I was joking, but she knows better now! I left without giving another look at the faggot. Who knows he will be there again when I go back to that club. And if he is, we will both know who will pay for My evening. I might even tell him to get My drinks himself. That would definitely get him in the right slave mood.

You see, slaves? That is the power of your Master. You can be proud of ME. I know how to use faggots and that's what I will always do.

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