A few days ago I flew to Amsterdam to meet one of My slaves and to do a professional photoshoot. I have been wanting a nice collection of good quality pictures of My stunning body for a while now and last Wednesday the time had finally come. My slave had made an appointment with a photographer he knows. When we arrived at the man's place I was really excited and very curious about how this would go and how good the photos would be.

The photographer welcomed us, made a nice tea and asked ME what kind of pictures I wanted. When he had enough information, he took us to one of his rooms he had turned into a small photo studio. I put on My leather jacket and sunglasses and we started the first series. He took picture after picture, giving ME some directions about how to stand and where to look and checking regularly the result on the display of his camera. Impressed as he was by My photogenic appearance, he seemed to really enjoy taking photos of ME and even asked if I had been a model before!

From time to time we took a break. The photographer uploaded the last series of pictures each time to show ME the result. I was very pleased. Damn, I look so fucking great! The photographer was amazed. During normal photoshoots he has to delete a lot of pictures but this time they were almost all perfect!

Before the next series I did about 100 push ups, to get My chest muscles bigger for the pictures. And I must say those pics look incredibly good. No homo will be able to resist them! My slave was in heaven since he got the honour of rubbing oil all over my massive chest, shoulders and abs. As a good slave he knows that, except for my feet and armpits during worship, my body is not to be touched by faggots. So that was something unexpected for him.

The next hours we took series after series. The photographer had some splendid ideas that will make a wonderful and very varied photo collection of your Master. I expect the pictures to arrive one of these days. I will put some on the pages here, but most of them will be in the VIP section. So keep coming here the next days, you will love them.

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