Last wednesday I signed the act of purchase for My building land. For several months, I had been cruising My neighbourhood, looking for available building lots. One of them was particularly interesting because it's located in an area that is developing rapidly. The prices are affordable now but they will probably start rising fast.

When I contacted the owner for the first time, he was playing hard to get. Just like some of you faggots try to do, which means that I'm used to that bullshit and it doesn't confuse ME. He told ME about other people who were very interested in the land. However, he could hear that I was serious and that I could pay him cash straight away. I understood he preferred to sell the whole parcel of land but he also talked about the possibility to sell only half of it. My stack of fag cash was indeed big enough to buy half of the land. That wasn't the problem. The problem was that I wanted ALL of it. That shouldn't surprise those who know ME a bit. I always want ALL and I always want MORE.

I thought about this for several days and decided that I had to take more fag cash so I could buy the whole fucking 2000 square meters! I spoke to one of My slaves and told him I wanted a lot of cash from him very fast. The poor faggot has been completely drained by ME over the last two years but he's totally addicted to My feet and My power so he can't refuse ME anything. Having no cash was his problem, not Mine! I knew he would find a solution. And indeed, he went to the bank and managed to get a personal loan. The amount was high enough for ME to buy all of the land now and the homo will be paying for it during the next five years!

Can you imagine the thrill when I realised the impact of My power? That I can get all I want by using weak faggots whose only wish is to satisfy ME and see ME happy? The best part is that I don't need the other half of the land but in two or three years I will be able to sell it at a much higher price and I make the cash to build the house of My dreams. It's funny. I will easily earn the investment back while the ATM slave will still be paying his debts to the bank.

Making a profit out of the cash extracted from pathetic homosexuals, that is what a clever cash master does to finance his straight superior and easy life.

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