Question: "How does it feel to have less cash for food each month?" One of My slaves knows. Or at least, he's getting to know it because this is an ongoing process.

For a very long time we have been chatting about putting him under My full financial control. His money already belongs to ME because I have access to his bank accounts, credit card data and PayPal since a year or two. But we both agreed that it would be much more exciting if I could control the amount he is allowed to spend every month. I decided to start this at the beginning of the year.

I don't want him to get into trouble with collection agencies so he can pay the bills that are due. I have chosen his internet, television and phone packs to be sure he doesn't spend too much of My cash on that. He switches off all the lights except those in the room where he currently is. He switches off his television when he's working at his computer. He is not allowed to buy water anymore. Water from the tap is good enough for that homo. Buying expensive sandwiches at work: finished! Instead, he makes them at home in the morning before leaving. For any unusual payment or purchase he has to ask My permission first. All those may sound like small measures but when you add them up they certainly make a difference at the end of the month. And that means more cash in Master's pockets! Knowing this makes the faggot happy and gives meaning to his life.

The biggest cuts can be made in the part of My money he spends on food and other regular purchases. I studied his receipts of the last months to check what he usually buys. With that information I could decide about a reasonable amount he had to start with in January: €350, not a eurocent more. It was less than what he was used to spend but it was still acceptable.

At the end of each month when his (= My) new paycheck arrives he makes a spreadsheet so I can verify his purchases and tell him where he can make cuts. Sweets, cookies, crisps and soda are certainly unnecessary things he has to reduce now. He also calculates how much he will need the next month for bills and then I tell him the new amount of My money he is allowed to use for his purchases. The rest goes immediately on My account. No financial safety net for that cash slave! When he has spent the last money on his account he simply has to wait for the next paycheck. Each new month I cut 5, 10 or 20 euros from the amount he had the month before so the faggot's situation will soon become pretty tough. But that's the whole idea. That small budget will make him feel My POWER over him and make him look hard for cheaper meals. I wonder how long it will take before his main food will consist of rice that he buys in big economy packs. Water, bread, rice, some meat, fruit and vegetables. That sounds like a fair diet for a lowlife homosexual who only lives to please his Master.

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