I'm pretty sure I'm one of the few cash Masters who got their name tattooed on one of their slaves. I own this human cash machine for a while now and I have watched his devotion and dedication grow over time. The faggot has now even reached a point where he is completely connected to his owner. When he can't see ME regularly on cam he feels lonely. When he doesn't get any news from ME he gets worried. I have even noticed that when I'm in a bad mood, the poor homo feels sad. His only wish is to see ME happy.

Some time ago he started to beg ME to be marked as My property. He didn't want to have any say in the design (as he shouldn't) but his fantasy was to wear My name on his skin. Marking livestock with fire-heated marks to identify ownership is an ancient tradition. One day maybe I will do that to this slave but, for now, seeing him wearing a tattoo with My name would please ME enough. So I told him I would discuss it with My tattooist and have the faggot come over to Romania to get him inked.

And this month it finally got done. The homo was allowed to stay here for a couple of days. The second day I took him to the tattoo shop which is next to My gym. Very practical, so I wouldn't waste My time while the slave got upgraded with the tattoo I had designed. He only saw it for the first time when the tattooist shaved the area on his leg and applied the stencil. His new mark represents a slave kneeling in front of a Master with the words PROPERTY OF MASTER DAMIEL. My fucking NAME on him! For ever! Do you faggots who read this realise how huge this is?

It's a very important step in our relationship. By letting his Master do this, the ATM fully accepts being the REAL property of his Master. It shows his total and lifelong commitment. He has realised 100% that I am the owner he has always been dreaming of and that no master is better for him than ME. I know the things that turn him on. I can fulfill his need to serve a superior MAN. And I will continue training and personalising him to transform him into the perfect tool that will be useful to ME for the rest of his days.

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