All means are permitted to make a slave save money so he can tribute MORE to his Master.

I have a very simple rule:

wanking = energy

energy = food

food = cash

cash = MY CA$H!

The less a slave jerks off, the more he can use his energy for something productive. You think I'm exaggerating? Well, think twice. Some of My faggots are compulsive masturbators. As soon as they see My feet or muscular torso on cam, I know they pull out that tiny excuse of a penis and start pleasuring themselves. They don't even ask permission to do so. They just give in to their perverted urge like brainless teenagers. But I don't believe those cocksuckers unconditionally deserve the pleasure of jacking off and cumming. As I said, it's a waste of energy and MY CA$H. In their case, stopping that sick immature habit can only have a positive effect on their usefulness and finances.

We all know that the orgasm of a homosexual is totally pointless. A REAL MAN like ME fucks a pussy when he wants to empty his balls. After all, a MAN's cock is designed to penetrate a vagina and shoot his healthy STRAIGHT SEED into the fertile womb of a female and reproduce his good genes. That's the total opposite of faggots wasting hours on their shameful disorder called masturbation. Seriously, is there anything more pathetic than a wanker?

Moreover, a horny slave is an attentive slave. When I control a homo's erections and orgasms, I control his whole being. Denying non-vital body functions like excreting semen is a perfect way to make a fag more successful at non-orgasmic activities and give him access to new levels of slavery and dedication. Ignoring a faggot's selfish need for ejaculation allows ME to rechannel all of his useless sexual energy into something useful for ME. When one of My slaves is open to chastity, I grab the chance and tell him to put that chastity cage on!

I realise chastity training is not easy. Physically, a faggot is male and like most males he likes to touch his prick. Well, the cb doesn't allow that anymore. The dickhead and shaft are safely protected from forbidden contact. And like most males, a faggot loves to shoot his load. So, preventing this is the main function of the cb and here is where the fun starts. The fag cum has to be kept inside! This causes major discomfort for the locked homo as he has to endure the growing pressure in his groin. His testicles keep forming sperm cells without a chance to release them. This process makes his poor balls achy but most pressure comes from the fag's prostate which keeps producing fluids because it is used to getting emptied at least once a day. Now instead it fills dramatically, starts ballooning up and sends signals to the homo's brain crying for ejaculation.

Unable to ignore this feeling of fullness, the faggot is desperate for the physical and mental gratification of stroking his stiff dicklet, giving pleasure to the nerves in the dickhead, feeling the cum build up deep inside and finally enjoying the wonderful sensation of sexual release. After one week of denial, the faggot's clit is already dripping precum, soaking his underwear like a bitch in heat. The homo can only think of trying to touch his junk. He is so sexually frustrated that his cloudy mind becomes extremely receptive to mindfucking and real brainwashing. At this point, I can start reprogramming his perverted homosexual brain to replace his need for whacking off by a selfless urge to put all his energy in serving ME, to turn him into a completely exploitable tool that spits out MY CA$H instead of unproductive filthy faggot milk.

I have several slaves I keep in chastity on a regular base and currently I am training one of them to become a chaste cash dispenser. His cb is made of stainless steel and has bars like a real cage so it allows cleaning the locked useless dicklet which is perfect for long-term chastity. He has handed over TOTAL CONTROL over his sexuality to his OWNER so now I am the one who decides when he can enjoy his lonely pathetic gratification, how long he can stroke and at what moment he has to shoot his expired jizz. And that will be less and less frequently. What a POWERFUL feeling to deny this basic urge to the faggot. After 35 years of unrestricted jerking he is learning that his pitiful orgasms are completely irrelevant. Gone are the days where he could freely reach down his pants and stimulate himself when he felt like. His maggot is behind bars and full balls are the rule now. My rule. His unnatural homosexual fantasies are still haunting his mind but they can no longer give him a boner or provide him the biologically meaningless pleasure he was used to enjoying when he splashed his spunk on the floor daily. That's right, no inappropriate pleasure for that sick bastard so he can concentrate better on his straight Master's wishes and needs.

As he acclimatises to this new situation I've put him in he will gradually be locked for longer periods. He will only get permission to clean the pipes on special occasions, such as his account getting DRAINED online by ME, till he fully understands his dicklet is only good for peeing. For sure this will cure his masturbation addiction! And, who knows, one day the ex-wanker will beg ME to lock his now useless maggot for good. Throwing away the key or welding the lock shut will make him live in a permanent state of horniness with no chance of release ever. Here comes the first copy of the fully chaste homosexual cash drone, designed to execute one single task:


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