I've finally bought My motorbike. It has always been My dream to own one. Last year I already got My driving license and now I purchased the perfect bike for ME. It's a Yamaha FZ6 financed 100% with fag cash. Cash you dumb freaks have been working hard for so I could take it like it's nothing. The same goes for the helmet and clothing. Most of the gear was purchased directly from My wish list by some lucky homos with good taste. I bought the rest with your money. But it won't stop here so you better prepare your asses for more rapes to pay more cool biker tools and accessories.

Which words can describe the feeling of riding a bike? Freedom is one of them of course. Individualism and self-reliance as well. Spontaneity too because men with a motorbike are more likely to decide out of the blue to go for a ride. The combination of speed and convenience allows bikers to go wherever and whenever they like. Summer is arriving and I can't wait to take a ride on the wild side every now and then.

Lots of women are fascinated by bikers. Lots of homosexual cunts like you share that feeling. What is it that makes a MAN on a motorbike so sexy and intriguing?

Bikers can be associated with daring men, tough guys, bad boys, warriors… That image of fearlessness has often been glorified in movies. There is something extremely sexy about a MAN who has no fear, lives on the edge and flirts with danger. That's why MEN who ride a motorbike are considered more attractive than men who don’t. I don't need to tell you that nothing is more repulsive than weak men who behave like pussies.

A motorbike also projects physical strength. Handling a heavy thing such as a bike emphasises the muscle built, the strong arms of the MAN who controls the machine. The sexiness of a guy who holds the reins of a growling two wheeler gets many pussies wet and makes many faggot clits start swelling. And thinking of holding onto a muscular MALE while He is leading the way on a bike ride feels safe and protected.

Check out the VIP section for more pics of ME and the beast between My legs.

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