You work, I SPEND.

That simple.

I often see cocksuckers like you lurking at ME at the gym or in the streets, craving to know ME. They wonder how they can catch the attention of a supreme being like ME.


There's only ONE answer to that question: your purpose is to serve.


Slaves exist for My benefit and My happiness. I love to be pleased, and I love when a slave takes selfless efforts to procure that pleasure. You can embrace the example of all the cash slaves before you by giving up some of your money right here and now.


On this page you can clear stuff off My Amazon wish list. If you are ready to send a decent cash tribute, contact ME for details.





When a slave buys something off that list, he is sacrificing it to ME, giving it up for My benefit and pleasure. And that is exactly what should give pleasure to you too! The thrill of providing something useful to a straight MAN who is far superior, better looking and smarter than you.

Spoil Me, queers!

I deserve it.


Every time UPS rings at My door, I know another load of purchased items from Amazon has arrived. Have a look at My wish list and discover what a dominant and handsome MAN like ME enjoys in his comfortable life.

The e-mail for gift cards is :

If the mere act of sending cash to ME gets your clit hard—just like that because you know I deserve it—don't hesitate to surprise ME.

I love to wake up and check My account to see how much fag cash has been sent to ME while I was sleeping. That's right. A lot of you faggots got so addicted to ME they can't even wait to get raped. Some of them give it up as quickly as they can make it, decimating their wallets for My good.

That's your job for today as well. Before you spend it on some stupid shit, deposit a tribute in My account so I can enjoy it in whatever way I wish. Bring some rush to your boring life and hand over that hard earned cash.

Every euro or pound that leaves your pockets this way is another that will make My life as a real MASTER easier.

Keep it flowing, fucking homos!

© 2014 - 2020 Master Damiel, Romania


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